Tesla Motors Agrees To Repair RAV4 EV Components

06 Apr

Toyota RAV4 EV

The American electric automobile-manufacturing corporation, Tesla Motors, has decided to repair RAV4 EV components. Tesla News reported that the company would soon redesign the propulsion system of RAV4 EV components. The vehicle producer supplied these high-tech components to the Japanese automobile company, Toyota Motor Corporation. Both the corporations had collaborated earlier to make the aforementioned electric powered automobile.

Tesla news today indicates that the joint efforts of both the organizations failed, as a technical error in the software of the system forced the Japanese automaker to call back 112,500 vehicles. This error had an adverse impact on the functioning of the vehicle, as it was pivotal to shift the vehicle to neutral mode. The management has stated that the error would also affect the Check EV system of the vehicle and switch on a non-functioning indicator lamp. It is expected that the neutral mode of the vehicle could increase the risk of accident.

Tesla Motors has been supplying Toyota Motor Corporation with the components of the advance propulsion system since 2012. Though the technical fault affects only a small number of vehicles, problems in the technology of the American organization have threatened the reputation of Elon Musk. The Japanese carmaker is the not the only buyer of the manufacturer’s innovative components, as the German based automobile company, Mercedes, has also bought components from it.

The management of the company has accepted its mistake, as it has stated that the functioning of its vehicles relies on the software and software-based products are quite complicated. It has further said that initially software products contain defects and faults, and any amendments to the software might adversely affect the vehicle. This statement is sufficient to explain that the car manufacturer intends to rectify its mistakes and produce software that are capable of performing in a better manner.

Latest Tesla news has reported that the error has adversely affected the financial position of the firm in the stock market and devalued its shares. Toyota Motor Corporation has reclaimed the electric vehicle, as it has also called back 100,000 Camry 2015, Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and other Highlander vehicles. The sale of these automobiles has been discontinued due to various reasons.

Tesla is known for its market reputation, integrity, and significant production. It  previously agreed to supply components for the electric vehicle, but now focuses to produce them. The market experts and analysts have critically acclaimed and supported the decision of the company. These endeavors mark the future prospects of the company. It is hoped that the error is rectified and meet the standards ahead. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the repairing decision is able to play its role in improving the reputation and relations of the two automobile manufacturers in the vehicle market.






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2 responses to “Tesla Motors Agrees To Repair RAV4 EV Components

  1. jpwhitehome

    April 7, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    You seem to have mixed up two separate recalls for the RAV4 EV.

    The loss of power steering assist issue does affect 110,000 vehicles as you state, including all RAV4 4’s. Gasoline or EV.

    The unintended “neutral” issue is specific to the RAV4 EV and the Tesla provided drivetrain components and software. Only 2,487 recent model year RAV4 EV’s have been sold in the US to date.

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