Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – The “IT” Thing

02 Apr

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is the next big thing in the edition of Android phones released in 2015.

The smart phone that will be giving tough competition to all is Galaxy S6 Edge. It has it all, from being stylish to being slim and easy to carry. It is a sweet mashup of the conventional Galaxy S series and iPod Touch. It is unique when it comes to its Edge stigma. It is way better than Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S6 Edge is among the two phones that had been released by Samsung at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Edge is most likely to be called a flagship, a device portraying complete package of what the company has to offer, the best and all in one product, translating the identity of the tech giant. The Edge becomes a winner to a lot of people due to its unique design, unique not only to the world but also to the company itself. Not only has it felt great in the hand but also the one that you will prominently notice at once.

According to the latest Samsung news, Edge and S6 both are almost similar with a Exynos 64 bit Octa Core processor and coming in 64 GB and 128 GB alternatives. It has a beautiful 2560 x 1440 pixel display powered with Super AMOLED that Samsung becomes pro in utilizing for amazing user experience. Anything about the phone is smooth and seamless. From the screen that is pixel free to colors and animations.  This is Samsung’s far way creative and best to kick off.

The people, who have been aware of what Android has to offer today, won’t be astonished by what the S6 series is offering. It has a lot of same features but with enhancement in quality. NFC payments are happening and also the fingerprint recognition. 3GB Ram and processor make things bad-tempered and Milk services by the company provide music and video supplication. SHealth is a Samsung’s version for health related features for example, checking your pulse and measuring your steps. Hancom Office is by default installed for you to check some documents or spreadsheet while you’re travelling.

The Edge has a remarkable battery life. It can run for 24 hours without being charged twice even if you use the features heavily. With time it shall decrease so the users can expect about 18 hours of firm use. Android notifications have become more easy and pleasing to be read and only need a swipe through. The lock screen is appealing and a small list of icons is shown beneath the notifications reminding you of what you have on your list.

Samsung news reports that S6 is of an ideal and workable size. It fits the hand and pocket perfectly right as it is creatively slim. The company has finally pulled off the convention and has created an amazing series when it comes to Android phones.

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