Tesla Motors Introduces Four New Features

01 Apr

tesla model s


Tesla Motors to facilitate its customers with its advance and innovative features

The American electric automobile manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has decided to introduce a new feature in its electric vehicle, Model S, as the management of the high-tech producer announced a new software update that would add four new features to the car. It is expected that the organization, owned by Mr. Musk, would soon upgrade its vehicles by introducing a latest innovative update that would supplement the car with four advance features, such as travel planning, new security features, self-driving capacity, and range assurance.

The new features would ensure that the users of the electric automobile are able to drive the vehicle in the most comfortable manner. The technological improvements are suffice to support the claim that the automobile-manufacturing firm is one of the highly advanced businesses. It has been anticipated by tesla motors news that the introduction of these aspects would play an important role in increasing the demand for its automobiles.

Tesla news reported that the newly introduced characteristics would probably permit the users of Tesla’s electric automobiles to organize trips through areas that contain Tesla charging stations.  In this manner, it would be able to facilitate its customers, as they would not need to engage in the process of advance charging. The new software update would not only direct the car towards the charging station, but also ensure that the car is able to communicate with the charging stations in its routes.

Tesla news today affirms that the self-driving feature would allow the car users to keep their hands free on interstate routes and the cars to go ‘user-less’ on private property. It is expected that traffic authorities would disagree with this feature, since no American state permits car drivers to run on roads other than in its testing mode. A number of traffic authorities have been informed regarding this issue and they are working to figure out laws that will clarify the circumstances such as automobile permission to be self–driven on roads.

The main concerns are the insurance liabilities, as it is not yet clear about the responsibility if an accident occurs. Unless these legal issues are not solved, the users of Model S may not be able to benefit from this new feature. The decision of the traffic authorities will determine the future of the self driving feature, as the jurisdiction lies with them.The introduction of these new features are most likely to make the lives of the automobile users more convenient as the customers would not need to worry about automobile charging and security of their car now. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent these newly pioneered features are able to play their role in ensuring the expansion of Tesla Motors market share and threats to its competitors.


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