Intel Corporation and Micron join together to produce 3-D storage chips

31 Mar

Intel Corporation  3-D storage chips


Intel Corporation and Micron join together to produce 3-D storage chips

The two high-tech American multinational chip producers – Intel Corporation and Micron – have decided jointly to produce 3-D storage chips, as both the chip manufacturers announced that they are manufacturing chips to expand storage capacity. These newly developed chips would be known as ‘3-D NAND storage chips’. Both the businesses are working on the flash memory of the chips, as it is the memory that is responsible for storing data in a number of portable devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and digital cameras.

The Vice President of memory and technology solutions of Micron, Brian Shirley, has stated that the firm has decided that it would no longer benefit by lessening the size of transistors in flash chips. Similarly, the Vice President of Intel’s memory operations has stated that the firm is investing all of its resources in pioneering 3-D chips. These two statements are sufficient to explain that both digital firms are interested in expanding the storage capacity of chips.

It is anticipated that both the chip manufacturers would expand their cell design, known as floating gate, which is employed in existing flash memory chips. Due to this advancement, the two companies have stated, their first 3-D chips come in versions that are capable of storing 256 gigabytes or 384 gigabytes. The newly pioneered chips would have 32 layers of memory circuitry. Latest Intel news affirms that these layers would ensure the storage of data in portable devices, such as laptops or smart phones.

Intel news also reported that the newly developed chip would expand the storage capacity of an average laptop. The two modern corporations have worked together on memory technology for more than 10 years. They have not only worked together but also shared ownership of a production plant in Utah. The potential of these endeavors of the companies marks the significant high future prospects of innovation. The collaboration is regarded as the best collective action to accomplish this breakthrough.

Intel news today elaborated that the new chip producing technology would produce chips at a lower cost. Apart from Micron and Intel Corporation, the South Korean high-tech company, Samsung Electronics, has also announced to produce 3-D NAND chips. The flash memory chip manufacturer, SanDisk Corp, has also announced the launch of high storage capacity chips. These chips feature 48 layers of circuitry rather than 32. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the newly developed chips are able to play a role in expanding the data storage capacity of advance portable devices.



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