Tesla EV Triggering Competition With Apple, Believes The Co-Founder

30 Mar

Tesla Roadster electric car


Steve Wozniak who is the co-founder of Apple Inc believes that the company should work on an electric car and give Tesla competition in the EV industry

Over the past few days, the most talked about news seems to be the Steve Wozniak interview that he gave to the media in which he showed his concerns about Apple Inc’s idea about launching a smart phone and also showed how he did not approve of the idea. The most recent news has been buzzing with the iPhone company’s co-founder comments on the new Apple Watch and how he has added spice to his interview by saying that the company should definitely get busy in manufacturing and designing an electric car and compete with the electric car initiators, Tesla Motors.

This debate has been previously been revolving around the analysts and investors and all have been predicting different things about what the companies would actually do. On the other hand, the comment that caught all the news official and investors off-guard was that Wozniak declared that for him Apple Watch is too expensive and that he would not even think of buying such an expensive gadget which is not of much use to him.

Steve Wozniak also commented on the Tesla’s current position in the electric car industry and it was made evident that Apple’s co-founder is not only a fan of the automakers but also believes that the iPhone company can learn a lot from them in their pursuit of designing of a new car. He said that it would be interesting to see the Californian Company creating an EV that gives the electric car giants a competition in the industry that they have such a huge hold in.

Speaking to an Australian newspaper, Wozniak expressed his views about how Apple should start learning from the great new technology that Tesla has been experimenting with over the period of time. He even said that now that the iPhone makers are apparently creating a car, they should make it one of the best ones in the EV market and prove themselves capable of competing with the other auto making giants in the electric car industry.

Wozniak has made it quite imminent that he loves Tesla Motors and the cars that the company produces. According to Australian Financial Review, the co-founder of iPhone Company happily talked about the car that he ordered from the EV makers and how perfect his new Model S car is.

As for the latest Tesla news, Tesla has also introduced a new model of Model S cars in which two motors have been instilled. Wozniak was all happy about his new car and called it one of the best experiences of his life as the technology provided by the company is by far the best in his opinion. In his interview, he seemed to have challenged Apple to create a car of their own with the technology as great as the electric automakers have provided their customers with.

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