Google Improvises Scrolling for Chrome – gets inspired by Internet Explorer

30 Mar

Google Chrome


Google has decided to incorporate Microsoft’s IE Pointer Events tool in Chrome after it emerged as a standard by W3C.

Google Chrome has made itself a pioneer and a very trustworthy search engine since its launch. It’s been decades and we still are fond of it. Not only due to the search-query results and their efficiency but also because it has grown the company itself as well.

However, we know that Google and Microsoft are not friends so to speak. But Google news is that both the companies have been working closely in order for Chrome to have a little Microsoft touch to it. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Latest Google news is about the introduction of Microsoft’s Pointer Events in Google Chrome. Pointer Events is a technology that controls mouse, stylus inputs and touch.

Pointer Events is a feature that has been adopted by Internet Explorer and Firefox earlier but Safari does not support it. The search engine giant says that the web developers’ feedback, vendors of the browser and other personnel from the web community have played a vital role for the company to add this tech into Chrome. According to the Google news today, the Point Events functionality will improve the scroll stammering that users have to experience while accessing Chrome from mobile. Further, Rick Byers said: “Replacing all touch event handlers with pointer event handlers will address the main longstanding source of scroll-start jank we see on Android.”

However, the developers are at ease here because they can take advantage of one input process technology across all the big browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

One month after the W3C announcement of making this Microsoft technology a standard, Google has decided to incorporate it in Chrome.

The Pointer Events will not be seen that soon on your Chrome, just in case you are wondering. According to Byers, implementation will consume a little time as it has to build Pointer Events in Blink. Blink is a rendering engine that charges Chromium and Chrome.

After the implementation, there will be alpha and beta version of the feature before being launched officially to all the users for their desktop and mobile applications.

The Chromium team had not been interested in using the Pointer Events but has reversed the decision now. However, the team still believes that it has some issues and they are hoping to create a standard which will be interoperable between all the browsers, naming Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. We are not sure when will the alpha and beta versions of the functionality be launched but we are sure that the end users are already excited to hear the news regarding Google, incorporating Microsoft’s tool.

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