Microsoft Office Goes Free Of Cost For Small Desktops And Tablets

26 Mar

Microsoft Office


Microsoft takes a long stride to facilitate customers

Microsoft Corporation recently stated on Wednesday that the company plans to extend its services for Microsoft online Office.  The company has revealed that they will soon make its editing and viewing features available for the masses free of cost for all those users that have been using screens smaller than 10.1 inches. This includes desktop PC’s and tablets.

This move will actually allow the company to streamline its Windows operating system and bring it a bit closer to the software amendments the company has made to its Microsoft Office Suite. This promotion is valid for Android and iOS where a majority of the company’s features are readily available free of cost.  However, some advanced features of MSFT Office will still require subscriptions.

According to a blog post by Kirk Koenigsbauer, Vice President of Microsoft Corporate: “Based on our research, we are classifying anything with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less as a true mobile device: You’re probably using it on the go, when it’s not practical to use a larger computing device such as a PC or a Mac. You probably aren’t using a mouse or a keyboard, instead navigating via touch interface.”

Microsoft business are evolving at a fairly good pace thus for the same reason the company is currently working on the modified version of its Office suite. The new features will be primarily touch centric and the other major change will be the Office 2016- this is targeted to make the experience of conventional desktops better. These changes are expected to make their way later this year.

These changes that have been made by Microsoft revolve around Windows and Office which is the company’s prime source of revenues.  The company has a fairly low share when it comes to Smartphone and tablets. Thus, for this reason offers most of its service free of cost on these mediums.

According to Microsoft news, the company has not changed the policy where it will continue to offer services to small screen devices without any cost. The company offers its services without any related fees to devices that measure lesser than nine inches.

Microsoft at this stage is all pumped up to facilitate its customer. The company is trying its best to assure the satisfaction of their users so that they do not look for alternatives. The company does not want to lose up on customers even if they have to facilitate them for free they will. This clearly indicates the level of commitment to the company and their customers.

Microsoft’s move to offer free services is commendable and deserves applause.

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