Microsoft Corporation petitions against Kyocera

24 Mar



Microsoft Corporation files for it’s rights

The American computer-manufacturing company, Microsoft Corporation, has decided to file a petition against the Japanese electronics-manufacturing firm, Kyocera, for breaching its seven patents. Microsoft accuses the company for the violation of its patents held on sensing movement, accelerometers, life of battery, power conservation, location, and few other highly updated technologies. In its petition, the tech-giant has requested the American court to influence the electronics producer to pay huge sums of money for the losses caused by the act. It has also requested the court to ban the sales of smart phones Brigadier, Dura Force, and Hydro Phones.


Microsoft news exclaimed that Microsoft holds the right to demand the sum of money from the Japanese corporation, as most producers of Android phones also pay money that adds to its financial resources. The present case filed by tech-giant against Kyocera is quite similar to its recent precedent steps, as it follows a history of receiving money from the manufacturers of Android phones. Microsoft breaking news reported that the firm has been receiving large sums of money from the South Korean company ‘Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’, LG Electronics Inc., and phone-makers including Motorola, HTC Corporation, and ZTE Corporation.

Microsoft Corporation, although viewed as a slow beginner in the smart phone business market, appears to place modernization of technologies pioneered by it as great risk and cost. It is expected that the two rival firms would be able to solve the issue outside court as speculated by Microsoft news today. The Deputy General Counsel of tech-giant has stated that the firm wants the matter to be resolved in a very friendly manner. This statement of the official is enough to explain the intentions of the petitioner that it is not interested in punishing the Japanese business for violating its patents. It is expected that both corporations would soon be able to resolve this issue.

The multinational giant is interested in holding the defendant firm accountable, as the launching of high-tech products and the development of patents require the employment of a huge amount of resources. It is conscious that the violation of the patents does not only discredit the pioneer but also ensures the waste of the company’s effort and resources. As the violator of the patent is able to prove the genuineness of the launched product in the market and capture the market share of the pioneer, legislation is needed to safeguard the patents and protect them from violation. Now it is yet to be determined to what extent laws are made for protecting patents from violations.



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