Queensland IT Company to try hands on Google Glass

20 Mar

Queensland IT Company to try hands on Google Glass


Young professionals from the Queensland are set to enter the wearable tech-world with their association with Google Glass.

Google Glass has been an interesting revelation of the century. Though it wasn’t much of a hit but someone is ready to work on it more.

Company found by two young men, residing in South-east Queensland, has decided to break into the world of wearable technology. Buckham and Duffy, the two young men with an energetic start-up have set their eyes on Google Glass. Their company is among the handful of the Australian businesses Google approved to be a part of the development of its upcoming “Glass” technology.

This startup company was chosen by Google in early January later after the search engine giant announced that they will not be working on the Google Glass prototype. Google Glass is not merely a glass but creates a heads-up vision of the images when worn. Jordan Duffy said they were given a nod on the development because they have been aiming for the innovation, enhancement in technology for the better use by humans and blue-chip clients constantly referring them.

Mr. Duffy explained: “We can overlay a huge range of data in the user’s view using glass. “We can see this product increasing public safety, efficiency for organizations, with key areas of focus for us in agriculture, healthcare, security and education.”

Many praises and recognitions have been in the basket of Google Glass, such as naming it as best innovation of 2012 at the time of its release by Time Magazine. Wolfson College professor, John Naughton wrote that: “Machines should do what machines do best, thereby freeing up humans to do what they do best”

David Datuna became the first artist in December 2013 who incorporated Google Glass in the work of art.

There have been privacy concerns raised by people that it records the people in public without permission, slightly unethical. Some people wearing this glass might be able to recognize strangers and/or record or broadcast the private conversations. Another issue that was raised by US congressional committee was that if the device was lost or stolen, the data could be lost, to which Google replied that the lock system for the Google Glass was under development.

There have been many concerns regarding this product but with young professionals getting into the picture, we hope to see it evolve into the next big thing. However, we should keep Microsoft’s Hololens in mind as well, it has been talk of the buzz too.


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