iOS8 Update Still Drains Battery Life

16 Mar

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:APPL) recent iOS8 update, iOS8.2 was released on 18th December 2014. It was has yet again not improved the rate of battery drain. If there’s a real flaw in any of Apple’s devices-it’s battery life. It seems like there is no fix to it as the iOS8 update has also failed to rectify the issue.

The one thing that annoys even the most die-hard Apple fan is the rapid battery drain on the iPhone. There are many reasons as to why the battery runs out rather quickly, but there seems to be no end in sight for the issue.

Apple Inc

As the iOS is upgraded on relatively older devices which results in bug fixes and a smoother interface, but the down side is the massive iOS itself. The iOS itself tends to monopolize more battery power to ensure an effortless interface and enhances user’s experience.

However, there are a couple things we can do to salvage whatever battery juice is left on our devices. Although these tricks aren’t foolproof, but it’s worth the try.

First up, the brightness of your screen can easily be adjusted to consume less battery, just turn it down a bit and this should help in making your phone last a bit longer.

Another reason why your phone maybe consuming more battery is because of the apps that run in the background.

Even when you have closed an app, it still runs in the background which continues to consume your battery life. It’s important to shut down the app completely.

Another reason that is said to be behind massive battery consumption is Wi-Fi.

If you have enabled your phone to search for Wi-Fi networks, then your phone basically constantly tries to login to one and it jumps from one network to another. This ends up using most of your battery. It’s also a good practice to only enable “Location” only on apps that are necessary for the rest of them its best to enable and disable it manually to ensure optimum battery life.

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