Tale of Being Hacked Again and Again – SONY’s Year 2014

13 Mar

The year 2014 has been terrible for Sony when it comes to its releases and up-coming projects. Not even the last thing SONY wanted was a cyber-attack that leaks the upcoming Bond film (Spectre) Screen Play. Furthermore, the attack also made some private emails between the Holly Wood and SONY personnel public. It had discussed Obama and Angelina Jolie too, ouch!

It all started with threatening Sony to not release “The Interview” that showed (depicted) assassination of North Korean Leader. It can be a conspiracy by them but it can also be some disgruntled employees at Sony who did this. Because this is not the only thing that happened, the new Xperia Z4 images were leaked and made public. It was sent in a product-placement offer for the upcoming Bond movie. The email was sent from CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment. The email included “the needed visuals of the new Z4 Phones”. It has striking resemblance to the legit design and is sadly true.


Along with the screenplay and Z4 images, it was also the employees’ passwords and medical history being leaked. The company is supposed to look into its network and communications security before it has nothing on its hands. Furthermore, the email exposed showed some wrist wearable gadget too, maybe some smart watch Sony planned on launching?

This issue was seriously noticed and criticized by actor and director George Clooney (who had the emails exposed in cyber-attack on Sony). He says, media “abdicated its real duty”. Talking further, he expressed his frustration as: “With just a little bit of work, you could have found out that it wasn’t just probably North Korea; it was North Korea … It’s a serious moment in time that needs to be addressed seriously, as opposed to frivolously.”

The question rises here is what will be the approach followed by Sony in order to prevent such attacks being taken place. Also it questions the online security measures that Sony is currently having. This definitely is scary for so many current employees in this firm and also anyone who wishes to do business with it; no one would want their private emails to be exposed due to some movie being released which is offensive to some. Or why are there so many disgruntled employees aiming to attack Sony after leaving it or filing lawsuits? Too many questions I shall leave on you to answer or analyze.

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