Samsung Will Reign Through TIZEN

09 Mar

With the TIZEN Operating System,Samsung plans to raise the bar higher. Samsung knows how to change the game and this time the company seeks to come up with the most tempting television of all times during the Consumer Electronic Sales (CES) 2015.

The technology sector is one of the markets where the competition is extremely intense. The big game players of this sector are constantly innovating in order to offer the best services. These giants are thus continuously moving from one domain to another.


Samsung and Google are the two game players in the technology sector that gave birth to immense competition for each other when it came to their smartphones. According to reports, this is not the end to their rivalry as the intense competition is now likely to shift from smartphones to televisions. Since the bourgeoisie have developed a liking for the smart home concept hence Samsung is all set to capitalize this interest.

Samsung is renowned globally for being the biggest television maker, thus they are all set to raise the curtains for the initial sets driven by TIZEN technology at the CES.

The thing that has become a major source of attraction for the company is that all the Web connected models by Samsung released this year will be functioning through TIZEN. Apart from this, it is expected that the company might flaunt a few specifications of the television during the launch.

The CES summit has now become a major game changer. The aim is to restructure Samsung’s position in the market as an internet linked appliance provider. The company wants to revamp their revenues through this service but the future would only deduce how successful the venture turns out to be.

Around this month in the Mobile World Congress 2015, Samsung was expected to make big in the news, and the company did to no one’s surprise. The tech giant launched their flagship product and much awaited mobile of the year Samsung Galaxy Edge along with a new battery in-built phone Samsung Galaxy 6.


The company’s trademark phone launched with a bang of updates and developments. The Galaxy 6 itself was compared to Apple’s iPhone to a great extent due to its in-built battery and no insertion of SD card. The phone will only be available with its in-built memory of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. It will be amde available in an array of colors showing off perfect sheen.

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